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Amy Pond

Amy Pond
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Amelia "Amy" Pond
Amy is a companion of the Eleventh Doctor. They first met when she was seven years old and the TARDIS crashed into a shed in her garden. Fourteen years later, he finally made good on his promise to take her to see the stars. Now married to her childhood friend Rory Williams, they both travel through space and time with the Doctor, doing a bad job of staying out of trouble.
open: Can take place in any verse, canon or fanon.

shattered: Played with nurse_boy. Takes place mostly after the Doctor's first return to Leadworth; in which we have fun filling in the big and small details in Amy and Rory's back story.

vertiline: Used for posts in play at vertiline_rpg.
I am not actually Amy Pond, nor am I Karen Gillan. I am, however, stars_fell. Both Amy and I are over 18.
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