Amy Pond (too_fairytale) wrote,
Amy Pond

for nurse_boy: fun with canon age compliance

Today has been a good birthday, Amy thinks to herself. It began with Aunt Sharon announcing that, now that Amy is finally old enough to look after herself (an announcement that had been greeted with a very healthy eye-roll where the older woman couldn't see it), she plans to get her own place in Gloucester and leave the big old house to Amy. As far as Amy's concerned, her aunt can't get out fast enough--she barely lives there as it is, and Amy will be glad for the complete independence she'll finally have. Of course the house is far too large for one person to live in alone, and it's still boring old Leadworth--honestly, shouldn't Amy be the one getting her own place in Gloucester?--but she doesn't find herself minding too much. She might be through with psychiatrists, and she might not talk about the Raggedy Doctor anymore, but both she and Aunt Sharon know that deep inside Amy's still waiting for him to come back. She'll refuse to give up the drafty old house until he does, because if she leaves, how would he ever find her?

On the outside, she's just excited to basically have her own place for free.

And that's how Amy explained it to Rory when he arrived to pick her up for their dinner date in Bristol. Even if they weren't tentatively trying out this 'being together' thing, he probably would have insisted on making a special trip to celebrate anyway, she muses, glancing sideways at him as he walks next to her. Reason number two for today being a good birthday... Rory making the effort to make it special for her, saving up to take her out to a nice restaurant in the city. At least she's got one person in her life who cares enough to make an effort.

Amy had made an effort for him in return, wearing a dress that displayed a lot of leg despite the cold weather and taking extra time to curl her hair--although if she's being honest with herself, the effort was really for her benefit. She hopes, anyway. Rory asking her out had made her re-evaluate her conviction that he didn't want her that way, and she's hoping that today being a special day might earn her a really good snog. (Her hopes don't quite extend past that. They haven't even shared a real snog yet, never mind a really good one.) So she'd taken the time to look good on purpose, in the interests of enticing him. It hasn't worked yet, but then Rory has always been a shy and rather private person, so Amy isn't letting herself feel discouraged. They've still got goodnight to say at her door, after all. And successful dates are always supposed to end with snogging at someone's door.
Tags: featuring: rory williams, user: nurse_boy, verse: shattered
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