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Amy Pond
22 June 2011 @ 07:57 pm
[welp, it's time for Amy Pond to face the music. Rory's gone from Vertiline. And that means she has to move into her own assigned pod, because once she leaves his she'll never be able to get back in.

She's made a makeshift sack out of an extra bed sheet and is putting what few possessions they'd accumulated together into it. Mostly, it consists of his Roman armor, though she's put the helmet on--she doesn't want to squash the plume--and looped the balteus for the gladius and its sheath across her chest. After a moment of consideration, she drags the duvet out of the bed cubby and somehow manages to smush the entire thing into the sack as well. She'd much rather just wrap herself in it, curl up in the bed, and breathe in the faintly plastic not-smell she'd come to associate with Rory for the rest of eternity, but... well. She's stronger than that. She has to be.

Gathering of things finished, Amy makes sure she's got her communicator stuck securely in the leather belt she's made for herself, then grabs the tied ends of her sack and drags it out the front door of the pod. From there there, it's a highly visible walk back to her own pod--one tall, redheaded woman wearing a Roman centurion helmet and gladius, dragging a huge and clanking sack across the grass after her]
Amy Pond
13 June 2011 @ 01:35 am
Roryyyyyy... it's Amy. Pick up?

[Amy is pacing back and forth across the living area of Rory's pod. He wasn't there when she woke up this morning, and his capybara seems to be missing. Maybe he's gone out for a walk with it, for the fresh air, even though he doesn't really need it--but there's a weird feeling in the pit of Amy's stomach and she wants to check, just to make sure. Rory usually left notes for her if he was going out, at home, and there isn't one here]

Your capybara isn't here. It hasn't run off, has it? Are you out looking for it?

[five rounds of pacing]

Come on, say something. This isn't funny.
Amy Pond
06 May 2011 @ 02:58 pm
Hi, um, fellow... Called. If I wanted to get some leather to make myself a belt with--does anyone know where to go for that?
Amy Pond
31 March 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Wait. We just had a big bonfire party to celebrate spring, and now it's snowing? Is this some kind of weird April Fool's joke?
Amy Pond
24 March 2011 @ 03:35 am
[a very annoyed, disgusted-sounding Scottish voice makes itself heard over the communicators]

Just to save everyone else the trouble? Don't try to eat those cake biscuit... things. They taste like two hundred percent salt.
Amy Pond
19 February 2011 @ 11:39 pm
[okay, so the statues DIDN'T turn out to be Weeping Angels. But the thought that they might have been freaked the hell out of Amy, and it's only after it's all over that she realizes... she never really got to tell Rory about what happened before she and the Doctor came to get him from his stag party. So she's sitting cross-legged in the middle of his bed, having banished both their capybaras out to the back porch of his pod, twisting her hands in her lap]

Rory, I... there's something I should--tell you about.
Amy Pond
16 February 2011 @ 07:25 pm
The sleep that Amy falls into, curled against Rory and the both of them tangled in blankets on her sitting room floor, is possibly the deepest sleep she's ever had. It's deep enough that she doesn't dream, isn't even aware of time passing in that vague way that one usually has while sleeping. She's so exhausted, physically and emotionally, that once Rory relaxes and goes still beneath her cheek and hands, she simply shuts down like a computer sent into sleep mode, gone dormant until jostled to life again.

At some indeterminate hour of the night, well after the worst of the storm has passed and the candles have burned themselves out, the power to the house finally gets restored. It prompts Amy to make a barely-conscious stagger for the sitting room door to slap the lights off; she won't even remember doing so later, when she's properly woken up. Rory doesn't move a millimeter while she's up, or when she stumbles back to their sort-of-nest and fits herself against his body again (dragging the blanket covering them up a few more inches in the process). Once her ear is resting over his heart, Amy instantly depowers--as it were--again, and knows nothing more for the next several hours.

The Monday after the Doctor's return to Leadworth dawns wet and overcast, with birds making a racket in the trees, and both Amy and Rory sleeping through it all like proverbial rocks, silent and absolutely still.
Amy Pond
25 January 2011 @ 12:21 am
[have a contemplative Scottish voice speaking into the comm. Amy's laid out on the bed in Rory's pod (which she is, for all intents and purposes, living in), looking up at the ceiling with the hand holding her comm resting on her chest]

I feel like I've been on honeymoon. A really weird, rainy, not-on-Earth honeymoon, staying in a giant artichoke instead of a hotel. But I'm not even married yet. ...I wonder if I ever will be now. If we're here and the Doctor's not, how are we supposed to get home for the wedding?
Amy Pond
21 December 2010 @ 12:58 pm
Today has been a good birthday, Amy thinks to herself. It began with Aunt Sharon announcing that, now that Amy is finally old enough to look after herself (an announcement that had been greeted with a very healthy eye-roll where the older woman couldn't see it), she plans to get her own place in Gloucester and leave the big old house to Amy. As far as Amy's concerned, her aunt can't get out fast enough--she barely lives there as it is, and Amy will be glad for the complete independence she'll finally have. Of course the house is far too large for one person to live in alone, and it's still boring old Leadworth--honestly, shouldn't Amy be the one getting her own place in Gloucester?--but she doesn't find herself minding too much. She might be through with psychiatrists, and she might not talk about the Raggedy Doctor anymore, but both she and Aunt Sharon know that deep inside Amy's still waiting for him to come back. She'll refuse to give up the drafty old house until he does, because if she leaves, how would he ever find her?

On the outside, she's just excited to basically have her own place for free.Collapse )