Amy Pond (too_fairytale) wrote,
Amy Pond

006 | voice/action

Roryyyyyy... it's Amy. Pick up?

[Amy is pacing back and forth across the living area of Rory's pod. He wasn't there when she woke up this morning, and his capybara seems to be missing. Maybe he's gone out for a walk with it, for the fresh air, even though he doesn't really need it--but there's a weird feeling in the pit of Amy's stomach and she wants to check, just to make sure. Rory usually left notes for her if he was going out, at home, and there isn't one here]

Your capybara isn't here. It hasn't run off, has it? Are you out looking for it?

[five rounds of pacing]

Come on, say something. This isn't funny.
Tags: verse: vertiline
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